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Mullinix Family History

Mary Evelyn Young who married James Luther Mullinix and whose daughter was Mary Evelyn who also married a Mullinix. Her father was Jacob Young, born April 29, 1794, died August 10, 1875, and he was married to Sarah Etchison born 1804, died Dec. 28, 1896. We know the Etchison family was originally Atchison and from Scotland and I read recently that the Jacob Young family was also from Scotland and I had thought it was from Germany since most of the Young families in Maryland were from Germany but it seems I was wrong on that count but we still haven't been able to determine if Jacob Young immigrated from Scotland or his parents or grandparents immigrated from Scotland, it's a toughie.

Ma's family which was located about a mile further up the Patuxent River in what was know way back then as Mullinix Town and it appears on the old Maryland Atlas has having a population of 200, it was on the Montgomery County side of the river and Ma Hilton's father had a house and mill there on the river, there was also a small store located there.
This photo was taken at Mullinix Mill at the old Mullinix home place is shows: Sanford Winstead Mullinix, James Newman Mullinix and Joseph Hennings Mullinix. The Middle is: Mary Evelyn Mullinix and Mary Evelyn Young (the mother of Mary Evelyn Mullinix), Bottom row is: the three youngest sisters from the left Mazie Mullinix, Edith Caville Mullinix and Vergie Emeline Mullinix
Mary Evelyn Young (mother of Mary Evelyn Mullinix) She lived to be 94, I have other photos of the Youngs but only one has an any identification, I think they were from Germany orginally.
In the convertible is: Front seat from the left is Mary Adaline Mullinix, Vergie Emeline Mullinix, Mary Evelyn Mullinix (their mother) and in the back seat is: Mazie Mullinix, Estella Virginia Mullinix (our grandmother) and Edith Caville Mullinix

At the same picnic by the Patuxent River on Pa's farm is Mary Evelyn Mullinix ( this photo I took must have been shortly before her death)
Photo of our grandmother Estella Virginia Mullinix
Wedding photo of Mary Evelyn Mullinix
Photo of Joseph Hennings Mullinix probably on his wedding day.
some brief histories of the Molyneux-Mullineaux-Mullinix family, some of our Mullinix families were undecided about whether they were going to be Mullineaux or Mullinix, most of our families went with Mullinix, the reason for this is unknown but in Maryland there is both Mullineaux and Mullinix.

Newspaper article about Ruth Bowie who was a slave owned by our g-g-g ancestor Asbury Mullinix. For some reason the Mullinix-Mullineaux family was heavy into slave ownership and some like Jonathan Mullineaux were over sears, he was an over sear for Charles Carroll of Carrollton whereas ancestors like the Hiltons and Watkins family didn't own slaves prior to the Civil War but may have owned them further back but with the Mullinix family it was continuous right up to the Civil War.

I don't have many Mullinix photos unfortunately but strangly enough I do have the ruins of the house that Asbury Mullinix was born in on Windsor Forest in about 1810. The house was built in part of an old land grant called Windsor Forest and there's still a Windsor Forest Road there near Long Corner in Howard County. Asbury was married to Elizabeth Fleming or Flemmen as the name is sometimes written at the time. Asbury was probably the best known of the Mullinix family, he was born about 1810 at Windsor Forest and died Oct. 21, 1884 at Mullinix Mill, he was born in Howard then Anne Arundel but was very wealthy and owned an enormous amount of property and slaves in Montgomery County. His father was Charles Mullenaux and his mother was Elizabeth Cramlett.
Asbury's line of the Mullinix family married with the Purdom family, another family from Scotland and with the Browning family of Browningsville. Among our Browning ancestors is probably one of the most famous hunters ever in the US, Meshack Browning and I've sent some information related to him also as attachments.

Backtracking a little to the Youngs which I mentioned before, it's a real shame because there are some Youngs I can't identify and I know they're closely related to us because their photos are original and not copies, attached are three of these unidentified Young photos. The last Young photo wouldn't attach, I didn't realize that I had attached so many photos I must have run out of space so I'll have to send the last photo separately.

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very interesting local history right where I live hike swim and hunt, I drive on Windsor forest rd every sunday and mullinix mill rd, and long corner rd everyday and my kids go to school with some Watkins kids!