Monday, March 29, 2010


We had a big day Saturday. It started off with AWANA games.
Sparks-a-rama started in the morning.
They play the craziest games, here's Erica in the beanbag relay-with the beanbag on her head,
this is the bowl, Erica is trying to knock the pin down with the beanbag,
this is the train,
and the balloon pop. It is a blast! This is our 5th year going and my 3rd coaching.
The boys then played in the T&T games.
Their games are even crazier! Here is Owen in the 4 way tug of war.
Our kids won by a lot!
Erica and Elisa who is like a little doll. I can't wait for her to be one of my Sparkies.
Always on the look out for pretty flowers.
We then went to the museum which had the Science of the Circus on display.
The boys got to try out some fun things.

Erik tried the high wire act. Did you know this bar weighs 70 lbs? It is really heavy, I don't see how it can help with balance. It makes it much harder if you ask me.
The kids got to dress up too.
Afterwards we went and watched the movie "Percy Jackson and the Olympians." It was a pretty good movie.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last Weekend

It is SOO nice to see Erica smile so much again! She hasn't been this happy since Keana left.
Keana came over to spend the weekend.
We ended up taking all the kids to the pool-pixie stick break,
Evan swimming laps,
Owen swimming laps,
playing on the sail of the sub before the movie,
We watched The Spy Next Door. The kids loved it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday at the Garden

I've been waiting for a chance to take the kids to the UH Garden Oahu Urban Garden Center. They are only open on the second Saturday and it seems like we always have something going on. We finally made it. It's amazing! A great place to channel your inner Anne of Green Gables.

These smell so incredible! I could have sat here with a big ice tea, a great book, and read all day.
There are different sections like this Hawaiian alphabet tree area. There are 13 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet.

This area made us miss Ms. Michelle-everything looked like it was from a Dr. Seuss story!
Feeding the horse.

We saw THE most gigantic mosquito we have ever seen on this tree. We stood there just marveling at it until it flew away then Evan flipped out that it was going to get him.
There's a butterfly garden.

This is such a sweet area.

These look like the sugar violets that go on cakes.

Coming out of the caterpillar tunnel.

We missed the plumarias, the fruit trees, the maze, the herbs, vegetables...we can't wait to go back!