Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wednesday September 30, St. Thomas

My Dad, Evan, and Erik headed off to go scuba diving.

They found a conch (did you know it is pronounced conk?).

On the boat ride back.
This is deck 1 where you come and go to get off the ship.
I took this from our balcony as we were tying up.
First stop is a visit with Capt. Hook.
While my Dad, Erik, and Evan were scuba diving the rest of us headed for a tour of the island. This Megan's beach.
Here we are on our bus.
Panorama of Charlotte Amalie, the capitol.
Megan's Beach.

I just love seeing this sign when we walked back on board.
Lunch at Lumiere's after the tour of the island.
back out to sea,
our cabin,
Owen on the balcony,

Erica visiting Alice and the White Rabbit,
asleep at dinner,
we forget what this was,
another visit with Alice.

Tuesday September 29, St. Maarten

Pulling into port, we love our balcony.
Erica got to visit with Pinocchio and Jimney Cricket,
and Lilo. Lilo and Erica had fun talking about living in Hawaii.
Next we took a tour of St. Maarten. There were butterflies everywhere!! It was so amazing and beautiful.

We saw a fort and had to head there.

An iguana, it was very cool to see one in the wild.

Erica and my Dad heading back to the ship.
Celebrating Evan's birthday and Pirate Night!
Pirate Night pictures,
a turtle,
Pirate Party on deck 9,
Melanie, Erica's really good friend for two weeks, after being on the ship for two weeks, we got to know the crew pretty well.
Dave leading the pirate dance party,

Here comes Pirate Mickey to save the ship from the bad pirates,
The only cruise ship to have fire works,
Disney even does Mickey Mouse in their fireworks, I was a little late with the picture to see it really well.

The night ends with a midnight Pirate buffet with pirate proportions.