Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feeding the Ducks

This is just the coolest shot. Erica is so proud of herself.
I just love everything about my little girl.

She knows I always am looking for flowers to take pictures of so she took this one for me. I particularly love it because of the sign in the background.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

NFL Play 60 Clinic

We had the best time this morning. The NFL had a clinic celebrating the return of the Pro Bowl to HI in 2011.
Seven current NFL players were there signing shirts and running drills: #15 Bess for the Dolphins, #67 Manuwai Jaguars, #45 Reece Raiders, #92 Lewis and #99 Kemoeatu for the Panthers
There were 3 cheerleaders (2 are with Erica). They are really tiny little things.
Running the clinic was #89 13 year Dolphin player, he was wearing a Super Bowl ring, Dan Marino's receiver, he's got an impressive bio Nat Moore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
#44 Snelling Falcons,
#27 Sorensen, Browns. It was a gorgeous day at the base of Diamond Head and we can't wait for the Pro Bowl next year!

Recital Night

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trying to become an...

Luckily it was time to come in and he didn't get to finish...

Evening Walks

Erik picks up 5 lb bags of carrots at the comm for $2 and walks Evan and Erica up to the top of the hill. They have a blast and can't wait to go when Erik gets home from work.

This is what happens when Erik walks around with a camera. He took a bunch of silly pictures.

Bible Study I am Working On

It's a great one on the book of Isaiah. Traci got to see the taping of it in New Orleans. Hope we get to go tothe taping of James together!

What do you do when...

the city and county drop off a trash can they don't want you to use until May?? Turn it into something fun of course!

All of the neighborhood kids have gotten hours of enjoyment out of our trash can.

Big Sleepover

Our family got really big for the weekend. Keana and her brother came for a visit.
Erica taught Keana how to play the piano. She learned pretty quick.
The boys hanging out, we usually have a couple extra ones around here.
After church we stopped and for Leonard's famous hot Malasadas.
They are Portuguese fried dough-taste a bit eggy.
They keep multiplying...
The girls hanging out.