Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Dad that emails every week
Mom that always calls
Grandma that comes to watch the kids
Husband that does so much
Kids that try their best
Opportunity to travel

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh Happy Day

There are awesome murals all over-I am going to try and get pictures when I see them.
Evan is doing his homework with Erik's radiation gloves.
The kids had a Mad Science field trip. They all loved the flash paper trick and had to see it quite a few times.
Erica loved the dry ice bubbles.

The kids got to make slime which they loved!
Oh Happy Day for me!! Christmas came early-Erik took the rest of the walls out of boys' room. It looks amazing. Since I am visionary and never finish anything anyway the holes don't bother me at all. There's one more closet on my hit list-half of it sits in Erica's room and the other half in the bathroom. Both of those rooms will be awesome with just one straight wall.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Druid Hill Park Gala in Baltimore

My parents were invited to the Druid Hill Park Gala.
Here is my Dad dressed in Civil War Civilian Attire.
A map of Druid Hill Park in Baltimore. Druid Hill Park is a 745 acre park that was once park of the George Buchanan estate, "Auchentorlie." George Buchanan was one of the seven commissioners responsible for the establishment of Baltimore.
The Mansion House, built in the early 1800's, sits on a hill over looking vast open fields.
It is now the main office of the Maryland Zoo.
The Dept. of Recreation and Parks is in the restored Druid Hill bathhouse.
Built in 1889, the Victorian style conservatory is the last of Baltimore's old green houses still standing.
The original entrance.
The entrance as it looks today.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


The Hokule'a is a deep sea voyaging canoe. The name means guiding star and represents the proud accomplishments of Hawaiian ancestors. everythying in the building, sailing, and life aboard (including storage of traditional foods) is rooted in deep Polynesian tradition. The crew has navigated the Polynesian seas by sun and stars since the first voyage 1975.

This Past Week

Such a beautiful site. I love the mountains here. Evan tested this week for his yellow belt.
Here he is getting ready to go and below he is a happy yellow belt wearer.
Saturday the boys went to Lacy Veach Day at Punahou. Lacy Veach grew up in HI, graduated from Punahou and the Air Force Academy, became an F-16 fighter pilot earning a purple heart, became a Thunderbird Pilot and then a NASA astronaut. He died in 1995 from cancer.
Each year Punahou honors his memory with a day dedicated to science and space. Here Evan is looking at sun spots.
The key note speaker, Kalepa Baybayan from the Polynesian Voyaging Society. He has sailed on the Hokule'a (I forgot to post a picture in this post so I will in the next one) since 1975 and is an authority on celestial navigation-teaching at the UH Hilo in the Astronomy Dept. Lacy was very much involved with the Hokule'a as well as the people on it. Kalepa told us about the history of the Hokule'a as well as entertained us with his "talk story" in local dialect-pidgin.
Ponahou School happens to be the school Barack Obama went to. The tuition is $18,000/year beginning in Kindergarten. It is the largest campus in the US with 77 acres and 75 buildings. It was founded in 1841 on 255 acres of donated land called Ka Punahou by chief Kame'eiamoku's grand-daughter Kuini Liliha. Queen Ka'ahumanu invited Christian missionaries to begin a school. The building above is the original school. The school has many distinguished graduates and has won many honors. Sports Illustrated made it #1 out of 38,000 schools. When I was going to UH, in the morning I rode by on the bus and would look for the beautiful night blooming flowers of the cereus hedge on the lava rock wall. What I think is interesting is the the school song, with Hawaiian lyrics is sung to the tune of Maryland, My Maryland (yes, I am from Maryland)!
The boys had a NASA work shop on rockets with a super cool teacher from NASA.

Here they are getting ready to shoot their rockets.
They also had a work shop on circuits. I was shocked when Evan volunteered to go up and answer a question at the board! He seems to not pay attention at all but was so quick answering all the questions.
Here they are with their circuit board.
Erik came down to join us. They spent a lot of time with a heat camera. The hottest areas are white with the coldest areas being blue. Evan always asks why people get frost bite on their noses, cheeks and fingers-he got to see that they are the coolest parts of the body.
Looking through a different sun telescope.
Evan saw this bumper sticker as we were getting ready to leave and had to get a picture.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Life With Erica

Paintball is the dominating topic of conversation in our house. The boys talk about it non-stop planning their next big day out. Erica over hears Erik and I talking about the Father-Daughter Dance.
Erica: (as sweet as can be with a big smile) Daddy I want to go to the Father-Daughter Dance!
Erik: We aren't, it's too expensive.
Erica: (very sweetly) How much is it?
Erik: $40
Erica: (super sweetly) How much is paintball?
Erik: We can go to the Father-Daughter Dance.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bible Study

I just finished. Great one on David.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Block Party

Our little development had a block party. Of course there was tons of food and lots of fun.
Evan getting ready to play tug of war.
Erik and the boys are up front on the left. Erica was in this awesome bouncy house with slides-it was huge.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life With Evan this Afternoon

Evan: (totally serious) Would Elvis still be alive if he never died?

Life With Owen This Morning

Me: When we were in Alaska you didn't have these bumps did you?
Owen: No, because this (HI) isn't my right habitat.

Owen: You know, most animals have tails.
Me: You are right Owen, I've never thought about that before.
Owen: We don't have tails...I wonder what it would be like to have a tail...maybe like another arm.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Paint Ball Saturday

Evan couldn't wait to go play paintball. We were supposed to go on his birthday but Erik had to work.
Dan, a guy on Erik's dive team came along. He had been a paintball ref before becoming a diver so he was a huge help.
Erica and her friend Cecily played at the beach,
scooped up Portuguese Man-o-war...
buried each other in the sand...

enjoyed the gorgeous scenery...
found Mokapu Light House...
dumped the jellies out onto the beach...
and played in the waves until they got cold...
They took showers and we headed over to watch the boys play paintball.
Here's Erik, in one game Erik captured the flag and won a bag of paintballs, Dan won a bag, and Evan was given a bag because he gave his gun up to a guy who captured the flag, plus the two huge boxes Dan and Erik bought they went through 5,500 paintballs!
they play 15 minutes with a 6 minute break from 10-4:30. They had a blast. Erik said he hadn't had this much fun in a long time,
getting ready to start again. They play different games and have a re-cycle rule so if you get hit you run back to the start and can keep playing, the guns are also set on lower power because a lot of kids play here,
this is Dog the Bounty Hunter 's son,
there's Owen,
there were only 8 people that stayed until the end, Evan was hit in the back,
Erik's whole body is covered in these red bruises but he still had a great time and can't wait to go again.
That night Erica and I went and saw the Broadway show-Beauty and the Beast. We loved it!