Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hiking Diamond Head With Grandma and Grandad 11/29


Eating THE most amazingly delicious Berger cookies that can only be found in Baltimore, MD. My parents brought them out.
Playing cards with my Dad and a friend, hope.


Evan at piano practice.


Pali lookout,

Sealife Park, (I gave the boys hair cuts)

rocket day,

Arby's again...

Catching up from 11/22

Art class,
rainy day donuts,

the museum,


Monday, November 10, 2008

An exhausting day out with Daddy

Up bright and early for art...
Erica caught a fish!
Evan caught one too!
So did Owen! I wish I had pictures up of all the time Erik has taken the kids fishing and not once have they ever caught a fish. Everyone all around would be pulling fish in like crazy but we never catch anything but this morning they each hooked one.

No vog!
Next stop the museum...
then a movie...
the playground...
and dinner at Arby's.