Friday, June 29, 2012

Little Tour of Historic Baltimore

The Jones Falls is an 18 mile stream that empties into the Baltimore Harbor.
Next we stopped by The Flag House where Mary Pickersgill lived when she made the flag that flew over Ft. McHery during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812.

The flag was so large it was sewn at Claggett's Brewery, owned by Edward Johnson, the mayor of Baltimore.

The grey house on the right is the Edward Johnson's house.
To the right, across the street from Mary Pickersgill's house and across from Edward Johnson's House, and with the brewery behind is the Caroll Mansion.
The Caroll Mansion was built in 1811 in a very wealthy section of Baltimore and one of the cities best examples of Federal Period architecture. It was purchased by Mary Carroll, the youngest daughter of Charles Carroll, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Charles Carroll spent the last 12 years of his life here.

The brewery (again) from the back yard of the Carroll House.
Just up the old cobbled street is the The Shot Tower. When it was completed in 1828 it was the tallest structure in the US.
Right next to the Shot Tower is the historic home of Thorowgood Smith, the second mayor of Baltimore

The white church is the St. Vincent de Paul Church, the oldest Catholic parish in Baltimore built in 1840 for Irish immigrants who were building the B&O Railroad and Chesapeake & Ohio Canal.
Since we were in Little Italy I had to stop at Vaccaro's for cannolis!
Little Italy's is loaded with great restaurants.
Tiny alley between row homes.
My Dad took me over to see the beautiful old cobbled streets at Fell's Point.
Fells' Point was founded in 1730 by William Fell who loved the area because of the deep water and thick forests. Fell's Point became a shipbuilding and commercial center. By 1797 it was incorporated with Baltimore Town and Jones Town to form the City of Baltimore. The area became wealthy from tobacco, flour, and coffee trade. Some of the first vessels in the US Navy were built in Fell's Point shipyards-including the USS Constellation. Fell's Point was famous for building schooners, which were called Baltimore clippers for their great speed and handling. They were excellent blockade runners and used as armed privateers.
The Horse You Came In On Saloon-the last place Edgar Allen Poe was seen alive.
Old trolley tracks.
The police headquarters for Homicide is actually the City Recreation Pier built in 1914 and the landing point for thousands of immigrants.

More historic buildings,

The Robert Long House was built in 1765.

The Broadway Market, established in 1786 is the oldest existing market.
The famed Eat Bertha's Mussel's.
This is the Katyn, to remember the massacre of thousands of Polish citizens in 1940 by the Soviets in the Katyn Forest.
The President Street Station, built in 1850, is the oldest surviving city railroad terminal in the US. The station was involved in the Baltimore riot of 1861 when Massachusetts troops headed for DC were attacked by an angry mob that sided with the South.
The USS Constellation, built in 1854, is the last sail only warship built by the US Navy. She was decommissioned in 1955 and is the last surviving American Civil War era naval vessel. Even though she is painted to look like the USS Constitution, a 3 masted frigate launched in 1797, she is NOT the sister ship to the Constitution.
This is the Old Otterbein Church, built in 1785, the oldest church still standing in Baltimore. The bells date to 1789 and are still in use.
Camden Yards, the old rail yard for the B&O Railroad. Ahead is the B&O Warehouse, built in 1899. Of course now it is home of the Orioles.

Kids First Circus

We drove all the way to Hampton, VA in the pouring rain with crazy I 95 traffic so the kids could go to the Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Circus for the first time. We got tickets for the Blue Dragon show. It was so worth the drive!! We were supposed to be able to spend time with the animals before the show but that was cancelled due to rain.
We did get to go to a pre-show on the very floor where the circus took place.

The kids love elephants-we were so close.
Their wet backs showed they had been standing out side in the rain.
The motorcycle were amazing-that was Evan's favorite!
Erica's favorite were the horses.

Owen loved the big cats, the male lion was gorgeous.

A human Christmas ornament...
The Zhou Yun Warriors were pretty exciting-Evan thought that was cool too. Hopefully we'll get to see the circus again.