Saturday, January 31, 2009

More pictures from our trip to LA and the cruise last year

Visiting Uncle Rich, Aunt Connie, and Steph's family...Uncle Rich cooked us an amazing dinner-we had SO much fun that evening-THANK YOU!
Evan at the Getty Museum (we totally needed another day there),
The beautiful purple trees in LA Evan kept telling us about,
Waiting to board the ship,
The drill before we could leave port,
Our decorated door and very full fish extenders,
Tea with Alice. Alice and Erica became very good friends on the cruise (for real),
Formal night-I got the boys and Erik super cheap tuxes on ebay,
My dad with the boys in Mexico,
Our very cool ship-The Disney Magic,
Evan with Mickey and Donald,
Watching Broadway shows every night after dinner,
Erica with Chip and Dale-know how to tell them apart?? By the color of their noses!
The Magic is the only cruise ship with fireworks,
Erik and the boys played a lot of games and basketball together, Erica had her picture taken with all of the characters, it was THE most amazingly fun and relaxing trip...
Now doesn't this totally make you want to cruise with us this year!!!???

Remembering when...

Evan on the Big Island with Grandma Karen...they are awfully close to that hot lava...
She's so little...
Happy Owen, The boys have been doing Kuli'ou'ou Ridge (the Slids) since they were little.
The boys were always dirty,
Doing Aiea loop,
Aeia loop hike,
The boys have been hiking since they were so little!

Art class and just goofing off at Zippy's

Look at Owen on the left...
Uh oh, this is what Zippy's food does to you...


The kids and Justin, a guy Erik works with,
Getting a closer look at "the big ball,"

Erica taking pictures of herself,

All done,
The lady bug at Erik's work,
Hanging out at Daddy's office,
Waiting for the movie to start...and the day ended with Arby's for dinner.

A Thai Good-bye

This is my very close friend Elaine. I have known her since Evan was born. She left for three years but came back to Hawaii four years ago! But...alas...she is leaving again for sad. I will miss our afternoons together of great conversation and hanging out, I am loosing my lunch buddy too!

Friday, January 30, 2009


All the kidds got up and left but Owen stayed so Daddy came out to play play-doh with him...that's a cool Dad. You can see the boxes of cabinets sitting in the background, they haven't made it very far.
The kids found a poor injured baby bird. That's Haley, Evan's best friend holding the bird.


Playing basketball with neighbors,
Erica and Nea,
Working on a puzzle...yes, Erik is confused...