Sunday, November 25, 2012

Heading West to Hawaii on the Disney Wonder

After Erik and I dropped the car off we decided to take a bus to the port instead of a cab.  We did pretty good and found the Maritime Museum along the way.

Waiting to board the ship,

Leaving port,

Formal night,

 Jimmy the cruise director,

The boys love putting on their tuxes,

 Tahitian dancers were on board from the Aulani,


our doors,

early morning pool fun,

sad face, she wants Daddy to get in with her,

character breakfast,


 how do we spend the sea days,

 crossword puzzles,

 port research,
 playing on the slide,

 ahhh, nothing like going to sleep on the ship,

 this is Rt. 66, Owen loves this map,

 Evan hanging out at the Edge,

 lunch time,

 exercising with grandma,

 Pierre, who had been on our last Disney cruise on the Magic-one of the two crew members I recognized right away,

 popcorn chicken, the food tended to be odd sometimes,