Sunday, May 20, 2012

Life With Erica

Erica looking at an egg frying in a pan: "an egg like this, the pupil is the best part"

Erica showing me her smile and laughing: You know how I always smile...I have these two little white spots that didn't get any sun today because of my smile. It's hard not to smile when you are so happy all the time.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beginning of an Adventure

So the odyssey began at 5:30 am on Thursday April 19th. First we flew into LA and then to the San Diego commuter air port, we switched to the San Diego air port and went through security again,
we got to see some pretty mosaics at the air port,

Evan got to try on a hat,
then we flew into Atlanta and got to ride the air port subway system,
next stop...Dulles in DC, well VA...getting closer at least. At Dulles we got to see the space shuttle. Over 24 hours later we had a very sleepy drive up to Baltimore and the kids begged me not to book a flight like that again.

Red Belt

Evan had to test alone for his first degree red belt because we had to leave for our trip,

he did good.

Random Farm Fun

March and April at the farm,
Hana with her winter coat,

loving the drive to get feed,

at 6:30 the farm gate is supposed to be locked, I pulled up just as someone was locking the gate...thing of it is...he added a second personal lock...
locking everyone in,
it took an hour before the lock could be cut and a lot of tired and hungry farmers could get out.
Evan built a really cool ramp for his bike, he jumped it, I was impressed,

it cracks me up how the chickens all go to high ground at night, during the day they have no fear, wandering in and out among the horses,
we got to kitten sit, Owen had a little buddy for certain,

cane spiders come with the land,

after a month of negotiations lot 18 wasn't to be ours (Erik won't let me go into details), what my dad said made us laugh so hard... "there's no way you could do anything with 5.6 acres, that was the size of Pa and Ma's garden without the sweetcorn" I guess it's all a matter of perspective...
my favorite stop when buying feed, love the Thai ice tea and lime,

what happens when one rescues an egg.

Allergy Testing

Owen had his allergy testing April 4th. Poor guy, guess he is allergic to a few things.


We had AWANA Games way back in March. I got to coach the Sparks again. We came in second again. That was pretty good this year considering we only practiced twice.
Erica moved up to TNT this year. Even being the youngest she was eager to play games.

Owen is an old pro.
They came in second as well.