Monday, August 23, 2010

One last picture of Owen before he got his braces off.
On the way toward Diamond Head one morning,
Evan is going to a Japanese language school by Diamond head-just for three weeks.
Erica's creation,
another one-this is a recycling project she came up with using Popsicle trash.
Erik has mastered the 4 x 4. He wants to know if Charlie can still do the cube Michelle?
Evan at Tai Kwan Do testing for his next belt.
He has been loving every minute of his classes. He hates days he doesn't have classes.
He started two weeks late but was so motivated, he caught up with the class and is one of the top kids.
A boy in the neighborhood was pestering Evan so he did a couple of kicks in rapid succession stopping just short of the kid's face and gut. The other boys watching thought it was so cool they have been having Evan teach them now.
He did it, super proud day but already looking toward the next belt.
Evan's friend Ace took this picture-he came to watch Evan test.
He can't wait to start the orange belt classes this week.
The mountains were so clear on Friday.
Is this not just gorgeous...

Saturday we headed off to Ford Island for an air show. MDSU-1 divers were there with their dive tank. One can always tell a diver by the Mark 5 dive helmet tattoo on the calf.
Erik used to work for MDSU-1 but they broke off and are their own separate dive unit now. These guys do salvage and Erik's group does ship's husbandry. We got to see Iggy, our sponsor when we moved to HI and the great guy got who let us live in his house just before we bought ours. I forgot to get a picture, it was so great to see him again and catch up.
I love this picture. Only Owen...the way his mind works amazes me.
The kids were so attentive listening a good 15 minutes to an explanation of what goes on in this helicopter.
The outside has this great paint job.
They got to try out a Humvee.
One of the planes, we got to see some super cool jets fly too...all by remote control.
Here are the planes. It was a remote control air show. Some of the planes cost $8,000. One got out of range and crashed into the harbor. Poor guy.
Next we headed to the pool where Erik tortured Evan for the longest time. Evan loves it. He loves to torture and get tortured. He's pretty good natured about it.

He ran out of wall.
Saturday night was a neighbor's party. Local parties involve tons of food-local food-poke, sushi, rice, and lots of things I don't know the names for.
Between food courses the kids took time out for karaoke.
Sunday morning we went out to Ko Olina to check out the models for the new Disney Hotel. This is the studio.
Little kitchen area and
bathroom. Owen wanted to know why it's a hotel and not a half-tel. Those acquainted with time shares will think it's a pretty astute comment, his play on words with the whole-tel.
This is the one bedroom...the whole-tel side,
this bed under the tv was a huge hit,
there are hidden Mickey's of course,
nice view...yes, it's real and not a fake backdrop,
this whole building has 21-three bedroom units...each level is just 1 unit-they actually do get the whole-tel...for over $1000/night.
We learned all about the themes and what sort of things will be offered. Disney has customer service and attention to details mastered. There will be menehunes hidden all throughout the complex doing various things-good and bad. Menehunes are like elves or leprechauns or jinns.
Erik took the boys off to the beach. Owen comes up and says, "Dad, it is so beautiful!" They saw some pretty neat ocean life.

Wishful thinking...
While the boys were at the beach, Erica and a friend were working at the horse stables and loving every minute of it.
There are wild chickens here that lay eggs all over the place. It was like an egg hunt-they were everywhere. Only the ones the hens sit on actually hatch...the rest stink. I am guessing mongoose haven't discovered this area for some reason.
Oops, what happened here I wonder??
See this tiny closet-it sits inside the boys' closet and drives me nuts. After 10 years I couldn't take it another minute and decided to knock it out. Luckily I have a husband that isn't the least bit phased and can fix anything. After redoing the kitchen this should be a piece of cake. I decided every 5 years I am going to move a wall.
Yes, he has mastered the 5 x 5 now too! That's pretty cool but we're thinking it's become an obsession. He takes at least 1 cube with him where ever he goes, works on it nonstop-they make an anoying clacking noise-making me nuts when I'm driving, the kids get frustrated and hide them but he has 18 of them now stached all over. Evan has been known to throw a cube or two while he's doing his math and can't get Erik to pay him some attention. Erik thinks he's a brilliant super hero with some awesome cube solving powers expecting all of us to stop what ever we're doing to ooh and aah while the great cube master works plus be wowed and beyond impressed every time he solves it...even after five times in a row Erik is like a little kid if we clap and hurray like it's the first time. So funny!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August Fun

While we were driving home from Erica's horse camp we saw this. Always something going on.
Hanging with Yuki.
This beach here is where the ship wreck scene in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was filmed.
The rocks are so cool.
Notice anything different? Thursday Owen got his braces taken off. No more under bite. He celebrated with a root beer float.
Erica and Muffin.

Riding bareback to work on centering, position, and balance.

Sharing some carrots. Erica loves raw carrots so she takes a bite and gives the rest to Muffin. There is also a horse that isn't very friendly-Erica always makes sure to leave her a carrot or apple so she will become nicer.
Saturday the kids wanted to go to Kaneohe to fish. It was so clear.
Evan caught a fish again!
These two birds were flying around. We would hear all this clicking on the water and these little fish were jumping out of the water. It was the coolest thing.

This is the view from where they were fishing.
Erica baiting her own rod.
I never get tired of looking at these mountains. I love fishing days. I could sit here all day, read a book, and enjoy the breeze.

Erica and I drove over to where we had kayaked from with Michelle, Hope, and Charlie so we could look at the beautiful mountains on that side.
There are cottages over on this side-what a view.
On Pearl Harbor I found this historical marker showing the houses from 1914. On the left is Quarters H.
This is the same view with Quarters H on the left, G in the middle and F on the right. Same houses with some siding and awnings over the windows added. More trees too.
Another thing I never get tired of...the blazing glory of a Hawaiian sunset.