Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rednecks in Hawaii

We were going to get the exterior of our house painted but I think it would be prudent to wait on that. The kids in the neighborhood seem to like hanging out here.
I just realized how big Evan looks, the boy to his right is just 6 months younger and the one to the far left is a year younger than he is. Evan definitely takes after my side of the family height wise.

Summer Week 9

This week the kids have been at art camp.
In the morning, the theme has been aquariums,
in the afternoons, they've been making pirate treasure, rubberband guns, hats, and masks...very cool.


Getting ready for our trip....!

Fun With Balloons

This pretty much kept them occupied the whole day.

Thankful Thursday

sleeping kids
trips to plan for
internet shopping
lady bugs

Excellent Bible Study I am Working On

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Avec Une Grande Tristesse, Je Disent Adieu à la Belle France

I am so sad, I am really going to miss following the Tour all through the glorious country of France...but now it is time to catch up on some sleep! The races began 11 pm our time and ended 5 am our time. I have to watch the race during real time, waiting kills me so I wouldn't sleep either way. Lance took 3rd and will be back next year. They had record crowds this year, it's amazing the riders can get through all of the people on the mountains without incident. Also the Running of the Bulls in Spain was last week-seriously could you imagine that happening in America!?

Thank you for bearing with me while the Tour was on. There are 20 new posts up so make sure you check a few pages back to catch up with us the past couple of weeks.

Bible Study I am Working On

Saturday, July 25, 2009


We have neighbors who let Erica and Keanna play with their dog pretty much whenever they want to. Unfortunately the girls decided to give Yuki a bath in our deep sink with the soap I call "Agent Orange"-it's some pretty industrial strength stuff. Erik about had a fit. As soon as the girls took Yuki out of the sink he took off running for his house with his leash trailing behind him. It was the funniest thing. The girls took off down the street chasing after him. They brought him back and dried him off then took him home. I sure hope he is okay.

Erik needed electrician's tape so he asked Evan to walk over to Lowes and get it for him. Of course Evan is...has a very strong sense of self-preservation and is rather cautious...shall I say. We finally convinced him it was okay to go after a friend and Owen agreed. Here they are right before leaving-they ended up riding their bikes. He came back once and called me a few times along the way.

He did it! In a half an hour too.

Flowers For Friday

Thankful Thursday

Erica is quite the swimmer now
the kids love playing outside, even in the heat
getting ready for our trip
my parents are in England and Wales
The Tour hasn't ended yet

Tiny Gecko

I heard Erik talking in the kitchen, something about a cute little guy...
he is soo cute.

Summer Week Eight

Flying high,
Erica never stopped going down the slide,
the boys had mountain biking camp in the mornings,
in the afternoons they had sailing camp but I didn't get pictures. Evan wants to keep sailing so I think he will start taking lessons.

Amphibs are in Town

I remember when LHA-2, the USS Saipan was in Philldelphia.
This is LHD-4, the USS Boxer, a wasp class amphibius ship. Also visiting was LPD-17, the USS San Antonio USS San Antonio (LPD-17) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A view of the Arizona Memorial with Pearl Harbor behind it.

Hilo Hattie's

This is a huge store full of Aloha wear.

Erica won a coupon to open an oyster,
her pearl!

A Girl and Her Horse

Erica loves horses, I think she could have pretended to ride this horse all day. She was so happy.

Giant Bugs

The museum has a giant bug display.

Flowers For Friday

Thankful Thursday

We still have camp left
The boys love their camps
Our neighborhood
Living on a court
Living in America

What the...! These must be the only cows on Oahu, down at the beach no less.

Summer Week Seven

This week the boys have outdoor adventure camp in the morning.
They got to paddle an outrigger,
Erica found a barracuda hiding in the roots,
paddle boat,
Owen made it to the top of the climbing wall,
Erica gave it a try,
Erica learned to dive this week at swimming,
In the afternoons, the boys had surf camp. I was amazed that they were totally standing up! Here is Evan riding a wave,
Owen paddling out (he's in the foreground),
Owen catching a wave!
Erica got an ant bite on her neck while we were at the beach. It stung pretty bad and then swelled up. Poor thing.

White Plains Beach

This is the view from where the boys had surf camp.
Diamond Head on the horizon.
great beach for surfing,
and digging in the sand.

Hula at the luau


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


She had Erik, Evan, and Owen out drawing with her this morning.