Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Surfer Boy

Picture the lifeguards made at the camp.
I am so proud of Evan!

Summer Week 8

We had a really big week. Sunday Erik took Evan and Erica for a huge walk.
They started out at Zippy's for donuts.

Erik is so creative when he gets the camera for the day.

Erica climbed up the wall first.
Erica's little treasure she collected.
Evan has surf camp in the mornings all week.
He was doing on the first day.
When he wasn't surfing he would ride the surf on the boogie board.
Erica played in the sand and looked interesting things.
Owen found a beautiful blue egg.
A couple days Erica and I went out to see the Black Pearl. There was lots of activity on the deck this day.
This is the new Disney hotel they are building at Ko Olina.
It's huge.
Loads of birds to check out.
Owen was so funny, he said, "ducks are awesome they transform into boats." There was one white duck.
There is a dragon fly in this picture-a little bit above the bird on the left.

In the afternoons the kids had tennis camp.

Then after that Evan had Tae Kwan Do 3 evenings.

A little yellow bird came for a visit.

Wednesday we went up to Turtle Bay.

We headed off into the woods to see where Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is being filmed.
We found it. The mermaid scene is being shot here at night.
Back here is what they are calling "Base Camp" which is where the make up, costume, etc trailers are. When we see that sign around the island we know it's a filming location.

This is the bay they are shooting at. It was a good hike into the woods to find it. It's pretty secluded and very beautiful.
It's pretty rural on the north shore.
Pineapple fields.

After tennis camp they went to work out at the kids gym. Owen ran a mile on the treadmill everyday.

Owen played in the beach all by his lonesome.

Paddleboarding is very popular. The lifeguards took the kids out for fun.
Barbers Point cabins. A great place to stay just to beable to listen to the surf...
The last day Evan was totally surfing on his own!

Another visit out to the Black Pearl.
Johnny Depp practicing a sword fight with the guy in the hat...Capt. Barbosa maybe?? Unfortunately the camera can't shoot through the fence. It was very cool to watch.