Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Erica always sings, "I'm so happy to be so happy."

Field Trip to Erik's Work

We crashed a field trip today. Erik called and said a group was coming so we joined in!
Evan tries on an old style dive helmet and gets to talk on the coms.
We learned about the console. See the color coded red, green, and yellow gauges...they pertain to the hoses and hats (helmets) the divers wear so the supervisor and console operator know the air levels for each divers and the depths they are at.
This is the really old style dive equipment that is no longer used. In the photo over the kids is an aeriel view of Pearl Harbor and Ford Island celebrating 50 years of the navy in Hawaii. Also you can see the dive flags, when the two flags are being flown it means divers in the water.
Erik is showing Owen the hydraulic tools, the yellow locker behind Erik is full of them. Water comes out the end Erik is holding...
This is where the divers jam their tanks (put air into them), you can see the red, green, and yellow hoses on the floor.
This is really cool, this balloon is at 90' below the surface,
Here they are bringing the balloon back up to the surface and it fills back up with air.
Here Owen is working the ROV, it's a little robot that can pick things up.
We then walked over to see Erik's dive boat. This is the engine room.
This is the air the divers use when diving from the boat.
Here are the color coded hoses.
Erica is "driving" the boat. Behind her you can see where the divers get in and out of the water.
There were some SeaBee divers working on the pier.
You can see the dive boat pier side to the right of Evan's head...just another gorgeous day in HI.
This is Erik's office, the one with the port hole on the door.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bible Study I am Working On

This is a Bug Bite

Evan told me I had a bruise on my leg. I knew I had an itchy bug bite but had no idea it looked like that.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday 22nd

Today started with art,

then we stopped by Maui Off Road (Owen thinks they are Transformers),
next was Zippy's for donuts-here is Evan figuring out if he got back the right amount of change,
Owen playing with the camera,

Sea Life Park,

Owen playing with the camera again,
next stop-the pool!

Friday 21st

Happy Birthday Grandpa Fred!
Erik took today off and we spent it at the pool.
After Evan swam a ton of laps,
he practiced his flips,

Owen did a ton of laps too,
as did Erik,

Some Kind of Fruit for Friday

Thankful Thursday

we have a vacation coming soon....

Saturday 15th

The kids started the morning with art,
then Erik took them for donuts,
then while the kids worked out I went to the big kid gym and worked out,
we went over to the Air Force Exchange and they were having family appreciation day,
the kids got to go in a bubble,
they also got hot dogs,
and cake,
balloon animals (Owen has a scorpion and Erica has a horse) and then we spent the rest of the day at the pool.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bible Study I am Working On

Owen's Birthday Day 2

We got up and went to this park on base. It was a blast.
The boys played catch with Erik,
they went for a torpedo ride,
played on the USS Parche, a WWII sub,
tried to take home a sub propeller,
acted like statues,
saw all the submariners that died in WWII,
and found abandoned eggs,
We then headed to the bowling alley. Erica always did a little dance every time after she bowled,
after bowling we saw Ice Age 3-it is awesome!! and then went to lunch at McDonald's,
After lunch we played basketball, catch, and with whatever else we brought with us,
then we headed to the skate park,
and finally ended the day with the Night At The Museum 2. Whew, what a day! We really had a great birthday weekend.