Friday, July 15, 2016

Waipulani and some more falls by the Pali

 so we were on the trail with the million markers that we figured out was just a wild goose chase
 it led us back to the trail in the air in the hao trees
 we can see the falls across the Pali that we are going to second
 so we doubled back and found the trail to the falls but it is not marked
 heart shaped cave
 I climbed up the side but it didn't go anywhere
in the heart shaped cave
  back in the forest to find our way to the other side of the Pali
 yep, there's a trail in there
 we found a tunnel under the Pali, actually it's probably for drainage when it rains, still better than running across
 wandering in the forest looking for the right stream to follow
 a hanging paint bucket, no one looked inside so it shall remain a mystery
 really cool tree we had to walk through
 on the right stream now
 waterfall wall where the water flows up because of the wind, it only flows down in flash flood conditions
  the moss looks like a giant caterpillar 
 wandering the road looking for the second waterfall, after wandering through the forest
 giving up and heading to the next set of falls
 that's the first set of falls we were at on the other side of the Pali
 crossing the rock slide on the old Pali at the lookout, pretty scary thinking that the side of the cliff just slid right off.  It looks formidable.
  third set of double falls
 another waterfall that flows under the old Pali
  this would be a perfect place for a house

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