Friday, July 1, 2016

Adventures galore

So we did a short cut to Maunawili Falls-got there in 15 minutes and avoided all the mud. It's a secret entrance (I know the right people now).
 At the falls
 above the falls
 still climbing
 really above the falls now
crossing the pipe
 then the old bridge,
 looking down (we'll be below the bridge on the way back)
 have to go up the other side
 secret trail off to the right to the top of the falls
 mountain apple break
 at the moss slides,
looking up stream
 going down the slide
 under the bridge now but heading up stream
 another waterfall
 above the waterfall
 crawl through a pipe and come out on a farm road
 tea leaf farms back here, shhh, we are trespassing 
 but quickly head back into the woods on another secret trail
 back at the bench
 and down the beginning of the farm road to another secret location
 coffee plants
historic bridge that is gone
 historic house where the Hawaiian queen came
the house is still here, it's really a cool old farm house, wish it wasn't rotting away
    old wall
 this would be a cool place to live

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