Sunday, July 17, 2016


This was one of my most favorite hikes ever.
 It starts cloudy.  I was hoping it would burn off.
 I've been up part of this trail already
 Well, the clouds are not going to go away.  I am on trail I've never done before, can't see a whole lot and it is getting narrow.
 Looking back
  Looking down
 Looking ahead
 The rocks are the only parts that give me pause and I think are somewhat dangerous.
 Looking back, I just came along the top of the ridge
 Now in the rain forest
And the rain starts, there is not a dry spot on me
  Still going around the valley
   It's pouring now
  First junction, left continues around the valley on the Kahakeli trail, right continues on the spine of Manamana. It gets really muddy from here on out
  And I won't be able to see anything
 The mud is the deepest on any trail I've done-shin high and there is no way to avoid it
I wonder what the view looks like
 Still going up and down
 I made it
 Oh my gosh, Clayton totally waited for me.  I told him not to, now I have someone to go down with.  Selfie because we are the only two to make it today.
 It's just rain forest, I wonder what it looks like out there
 We are on Cemetary ridge now
  Getting below the cloud line now
 Kahana Valley
 Looking back
 Rocks again
 This is the cemetery for the tidal wave victims 
I was covered in mud so went to wash up at the fish pond

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