Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Turtle Bay and Solemate Anniversary Party

 There is a doorbell on this tree, I was looking around to see if anyone lived here
 heart shaped tide pool
 huge waves
 wall of water
 The house on the beach
the back yard, cool view
  The legendary John Hall, who started solemates 17 years ago and Erika, from Germany who is the only other original member
 Tom and John
 Brian and Richard (whose house we are at) both served three tours in Vietnam and were in Korea.  Brian is a Marine and my boys adore him. These are my Wednesday hiking friends
 Helene on the left, she is 63 and is SO fast-the fastest of the whole bunch, Kelvin on the rt-we are always chasing after Helene.  
 Judy, the sweetest and my first solemate friend
Ron, Peg (93 and has been to Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other crazy places), Bart (behind her), and Rainah (on the rt)  The boys love hiking with the solemates. 

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