Saturday, February 13, 2016

Palehua up at the top of Makakilo

 This is a contour trail that runs along the Waianaes 
 old Hawaiian wall
 my view this hike, the legendary Stuart Ball who wrote the hikers guide to the islands, I drove him nuts asking him tons of questions.  His memory is incredible, he is brilliant as well, graduated from Dartmouth and Stanford. 
 I have never seen such massive boulders, the rocks are larger than our house
 delicious tangerines 
 you can't imagine how huge these boulders are-each the size of a house
 HTMC group, a lot are solemates
   we could walk through this standing up
 the other side
 everyone went one way and Stuart Ball went another-you bet I followed him, he knows the hidden places of this island like no other

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