Sunday, June 26, 2016


So this was true bushwacking.  John Hall has been working on clearing a ridge, he has a few projects, it takes him months though.  So this was a "fun" hike he wanted to do. We started with pretty decent weather.
 We go up Onikiniki Ridge and at some point, that John Hall only knows, turn down on the right into the valley to the stream below.
 I was to follow and keep up with 72 year old John Hall and make sure the rest of the group knew where we were.
 Dave followed bushwacking a trail for the rest of the group, Larry tagged the trail.
 Looking toward the KST
 It was pretty easy to loose John Hall in this.
Some steep descents.
 Some contouring around some rock cliffs
 Like this.
 72 year old John Hall waiting for the rest of the group to catch up.
 They are coming.
 Mountain apples are ripe.
 Coffee beans
 No we are in the Kalauao Valley at the stream...
 and atop the falls.
 Lori and Larry
 Breaking for lunch.
 Heading down stream.
 More mountain apples, they are juicy and taste somewhat like perfumed pears.
 I really dislike this valley because of the hill up
 It also starts to rain.
  This is a secret Aiea Loop trail to avoid the roots. HTMC knows all the secret trails, probably because they created them. They aren't marked either. 

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