Sunday, June 19, 2016


This was a super cool hike, I can't wait to do it again.  It started at the beginning of Kuliouou on a secret HTMC trail.  All the times I passed by and never knew it was there.  It heads up and over to the Hahaione trail, then across the KST past the top of Kuliouou to the top of O'Kona, which I have been dying to get to the top of, then down O'Kona.  It's a big awesome loop.
 This is the trail that parallels Kuliouou
 then it goes right over into the next valley
 Hahaione valley, and then up the ridge
 to the KST junction
About this point on the KSY, before Kuliouou Clayton comes by and says he is going all the way to O'Kona so I follow him, actually I chased him because he is super fast. 
At some point there is a junction for O'Kona, there's no sign, glad I followed Clayton.
Heading down O'Kona
   And almost back to the start.

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