Thursday, March 3, 2016


 So these balls are really heavy and Erica is really little.  She had fun but was easily knocked over.
Evan's team went next.  It was so funny, all us moms were laughing so had.  Evan was like a little kids but he's 6'3" now.  They were supposed to be playing soccer but all Evan wanted to do was knock people over so he went up and knocked people down on the other team so the people he knocked down wanted to get him back but they couldn't knock him down so they found people they could knock down.  Soon enough that's all they were doing was just trying to know each other down while only one girl from each team actually tried to play soccer.  
 Trying to strategize.  
Owen was next.  He just stayed out of trouble until he was the last one left on his team but he has low center of gravity so he was hard to knock out until they decided to gang up on him. 

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