Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Our Sweet Buddy's Gone

We wish we had so much more time with you sweet Buddy.  You were the perfect pup for us.  We are so glad we found you, pet napped you, and took you home to be ours.  The way you barked at bees that were dying on the ground, how you'd get so excited when daddy was going to give you a treat, how you never wanted to miss your walk with me, you always followed me around, sit at my feet when I cooked, slept by me, always stole daddy's spot in the beanbag as soon as he got up, got along with all our crazy pets Erica had-especially Hopi, curl up for naps in the pink chair or Erica's bed, tried to put up with the kitten wanting to play with and attack you, loved Erica, put up with Evan and Owen torturing you, slept in a Buddyball, loved your belly scratched the first few years we had you-would do a Buddy rabbit with your paws, always came to the door to greet us, waiting at the screen when we left, running crazy after your baths, ran wildly away when you escaped so the kids would chase after you the first year, then would take yourself for a little walk and come back to the screen to be let in when we forgot to shut the gate this past year, you were so good and patient with us, even when we shaved you for summer.  We found you 2/12/2012.  We almost had you 4 years, it seemed so much longer.  Wish we did better when you were sick.  We love you so, even daddy sniffed all night.
The 5th

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