Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ka'ala #2 in the sun

Some workers were getting dropped off via helo, we'd hear them get picked up starting at 3:30.
 Coffee beans
 We made it!  Evan turned back at the fence.
 We can actually see up here this time so we walked around the tracking station
 Looking back over the top of the mountain we walked across.  We walked on the boardwalk through the rain forest. 
 One last pict at the station
 back on the boardwalk and through the rain forest-this time with no rain
looking down to our trail
done with the rope and mud sections
 just over the boulders and then through the forest
  looking back from whence we came 
 back to the fence where Evan turned around-hope he is okay
 now we are in the forest, I saw some really large pheasant looking birds and stopped to try and get pictures, I couldn't but on the other side we heard then saw a super large black boar, didn't get a picture of him either  Erica was smart, she picked up large rocks in case he charged us, She said to make noise but we whispered and slowly walked out
 We crossed the dry stream, made it to the picnic table and to the road, Evan left us a note to say he was heading down the hill
 clouds on the mt now
  It's a mile and a half down to the car on the road.  Evan has been waiting like 3 hours, poor guy.  He could have come to the top with us though. 

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