Sunday, August 14, 2016


This was a really special hike. It can only be done with HTMC and the only way to get to the waterfall is with a lot of up stream swimming and rock hopping. The start is on Striker Rd. It is also the most well maintain inaccessible trail I have ever been on.
 pig tracks
   So this swimming hole is technically the end of the trail.  From now on it's swimming and rock hopping.
 There are many of these deep pools that have to be swum
   There it is, the waterfall
  I've been talking to myself in an Aussie twang like the crocodile hunter
  We are back to the end of the trail
 Patrick was the one who knew and led us to the waterfall
 There are bunch of stream crossing that are about knee deep
 the weed whackers have been through, the trail is a highway now
what two toed animal is this...just a tabi
  wow, look at the entrance now
 this road cracks me up, it is not used by anyone but there are signs on it, it has locked gates on it, it used to be used by the army
 the clearers have a big bash afterwards

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