Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday Out

 Hike up Kuliouou while Erica is at science
 Then Evan's Sea Cadets had to help at the Office Submariner's Ball
 Back to pick Erica up from science at UH.  The Golden Plovers have all their color now and will be leaving soon.  They are actually gone now (I a writing this on Sat the 23rd-so just a week later).  They fly all the way back to Alaska for the summer.  So beautiful, we miss them while they are gone.
 Then we went to Gordon Beirch for my birthday dinner.  Seems Erica can make friends anywhere.
Then I had to wait in town until Evan was done so I went around and looked at all the wall art.  Pretty cool stuff.  New stuff has been added since the last time I did this.  I love this scene, what I imagine the ghetto of Japan to be like. It's on the side of the Jaguar dealership. 

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