Saturday, June 13, 2015

Camping at Peacock Flats Day 1

Yep, there are wild peacocks there too, hence the name Peacock.  Erik drove the kids in the long way up the west side and over the dirt road.  I thought I would walk up the short way on the north side after they got there and later in the afternoon when the sun was lower.  Oh my gosh.  This was a killer 3.5 mile hill.  Erik started walking down after a bit.  I made it 2.3 of the way up when we met.
This hill is way steeper than it looks.  We are heading toward those trees that are sticking out up on the left of the hill.  I had met Erik by now.
Just aiming for the trees. 
Just 1/2 mile to go.
 There it is!  The 3.5 mile marker! Then another gate and the camp ground to the left. 
Erica brought her friend Lindsey and they put their tent and air mattress up completely by themselves. 

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