Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kaniakapupu Ruins or King Kamehameha's Summer Palace Ruins Hike

So I found this hike on the internet but the directions were horrible.  This is the entrance on the Old Pali. You walk through a bit of a bamboo forest and then take a large left-it's wide and leads right up hill to the ruins-10 mins tops-DO NOT cross a river!  
By now we have passed the turn off to the left.
Crossing the river we didn't need to.
Wandering through more bamboo looking for a trail
Consulting directions that we weren't smart enough to follow.  We had to cross back over the river and go up an incline and we found the ruins.  Glad we got a longer hike out of it.  I see ruins ahead.  Imagine 10,000 warriors here for a luau.  You will not come in from this direction if you take the correct turn off.  If you want to come in from this way walk to the river but don't cross, walk up river just a bit-until you see a trail that goes steeply up the bank on the left and follow that toward the clearing.
Erica placed little flowers all the way around the placard-it looked so sweet.
If you take the left in the bamboo forest this is what it looks like
This is the correct turn off to the left (which we did not take but should have), we went straight looking for a river to cross.  Next we headed up to the Pali Lookout-gorgeous day for that.
There are people hiking that ridge
Then we headed over to Kailua to the Ulupo Heiau Historic Site


DLNR Hawaii said...

Aloha tourism and travel website operator:

Recently the historical and culturally significant Kaniakapupu site on Oahu was defaced by vandals. The Hawaii Dept. of Land and Natural Resources issued a news release and a video news release highlighting the significance of Kaniakapupu and again asking people to stay away from this site. It is in a closed watershed area and anyone caught in the area can be cited for being in a closed area.

The news release can be found at At the bottom of this message, you can find links to the video news release, media clips and photographs that were picked up widely, locally and nationally.

If your website has driving and/or hiking directions to Kaniakapupu we respectfully ask that you remove them from all references. Please help us protect King Kamehameha III’s summer palace by not leading people to Kaniakapupu.

RESOURCES: (All video and photos courtesy: Hawaii DLNR)

Video news release:

HD video of Kaniakapupu and SOTs: (shot sheet attached)

Photographs of Kaniakapupu:

With much mahalo,

Dan Dennison
Senior Communications Manager
Hawaii Dept. of Land and Natural Resources
(808) 587-0407

Matt Anderson said...

Awesome stuff! Would love to see the DLNR focus more on education of places like the ruins rather than trying to hide them from the public and close them off. It's like securing your house with a screen door...that won't stop bad people from doing bad things. More on the ruins here if you're interested: