Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rome Day 4

My pictures and Erik's are mixed in so it may look like there are "doubles."
 There turned out to be a story here-Erik and I both took this picture because we thought it was odd she had on this formless black Muslim dress that was all crystal encrusted with the Chanel logo (I think).  We followed them across this huge grassy area.  We were headed toward the door of the Basilica San Paolo and she, very purposefully seemed to be headed in the same direction.  Her son started to get very visibly upset, even crying, and gently trying to keep her from walking into the church but she was adamant that she was going inside.  He stood by the entrance and waited for her.  I have to say she is one very brave Muslim woman.  Her son had obviously learned fear somewhere and was very afraid for her.  I wanted to give her a huge hug but was having to deal with Evan who was in a total panic that she had a vest strapped to her and was going to blow the whole place up.

 water, water everywhere, bubbling up out of the ground even

 walking and
 walking and
 more walking and

 how we amuse ourselves when we are still walking

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