Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Totally cool Kelly Slater story

So Erica and I took two homestay students up to see the turtles.  No turtles were on the beach so I thought we'd head to Sunset to see a famous surfing beach.
 There happened to be a famous surfing competition going on,
first thing one does at a surfing competition is check the board for Kelly Slater's name and then the heat he's in-OH my gosh!  There it is and heat 8...did we miss it?  Will we have to wait two hours??
  Half way through heat 7!!  Woe-what amazing luck!  So, the structure above left is where the surfers are.
 Wow, look at that, checking out some waves while we wait.

There he is!  

So about half way through the homestay students looked board and I say to Erica we should go.  Erica says, "no way, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!"  I love her!  So Kelly is up by 8 pts after just one wave. Then he pulls out something amazing and goes up by 18.

 Figures that cinched it for the day and comes in.  Job well done.
Then he is totally mobbed but Kimo the body guard gets him back inside.  Meanwhile I am on the phone with Erik telling him I am looking at Kelly Slater and watching him surf.  Erik is like, "so."  Huh???-even your daughter knows that this is a BIG deal.  He did admit later that was really cool and he told all the guys at work who thought it was pretty cool too.  On the ride back Erica says, "I can check that off my bucket list."

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