Thursday, July 21, 2016

Aviation Adventure

More photos to come
Erica spent three days and 2 might on the Missouri learning all about aircraft.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Evan Lifeguarding

Evan took a lifeguarding class on Schofield.  Because it was a free class he owed them 40 hours of work??!!  Do they realize they are giving him experience and references too...for free  That's a double bonus. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wahiawa Hills

Well, I made it farther than I did last time.  Actually I made it all the way around but just not all the way on the right trail.  Some of way we had to make our own trail.  
 This trail is all about the woods
 Looks like we will be able to cross the river.  At least it isn't raging.  
 Now at some point on the dirt road we lost the ribboned trail
 We find some what of a trail and follow it
 Hawaiian snow
 That's where we need to go
 We made it down to the river, now to find a ribbon and trail on the other side and we are home free-not so fast...
 I tell Krista we need a stick to tell how deep it is, this is her stick.  I laugh so hard I pee myself.
 I feel like we are in Vietnam with our guns over our head.  I was ahead of her and suddenly the stream gets super deep and am swimming.  I swim up river...
 and then down stream about a half mile and find nothing
 So we decide to forge our own trail up the other side.  We made it out. I should have gotten picts, the trees were pretty dense then we go though Fern, come out on top of the ridge, we follow it out behind the houses, hop the fence.  We should have followed the fence to the start because we had to go all out through the neighborhood to get back to the car.   

Upper Lulumahu Falls and Pauoa Falls

 I love these falls and being here
 Climbing up
 Now we start exploring the stream, we go for hours and only go about 1/3 of the way 
  Back at the falls
Now climbing down the other way to see if we can get to the lower falls but there are no ropes after this section so we can't today
 Sadly I had to leave
 Last push to the top through Fern
 Bye my beautiful falls
 Falls I had done with the Solemates, thought there might be some water
 Ug, I didn't park in my normal spot.